Current NTRIP port is 2101, IP address is
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Welcome to the WVDOT Real Time Network service. The service is provided for the benefit of the West Virginia Division of Highways surveyors and its contractors.

The WVRTN service provides real time kinematic correctors to GPS/Glonass capable receivers to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

The WVRTN continuously operating reference stations (CORS) current conditions with links to the National Geodetic Survey data sheets are provided in the Sensor Map section.
The WVRTN service also provides a year of observations from its CORS. Through the Reference Data Shop. The Reference Data Shop can produce virtual CORS data from a user-located position for the previous 90 days.

The Online Post Processing service consumes static observation sessions of 15 miutes to 6 hours and produces a point location report.

West Virginia Department Of Transportation, Division Of Highways Contact:
All questions, queries, comments, critiques, or suggestions should be addressed to the West Virginia Real Time Network help desk,